Stonewall Quarry Days has one time slot that is always easy to fill: Saturday’s stage line-up ends with a local youth band, and it’s their chance to play on stage to an encouraging audience, with a super drum kit and a great sound system and a sound-man to make them better than ever!

“Now Not Never” includes 3 Rosser teens — Abby Georgison, Thomas Thevenot and Tessa Thevenot. (You will hear Abby performing solo in the coffee-house set immediately before her band takes the stage.)

Abby is a talented guitarist with the band; she started guitar lessons when she was 9 and, just this year, won an award at the Rockwood Festival of the Arts.

Thomas is the drummer (practising since he was 6!) and he is really looking forward to the superb drum kit offered on-stage at Quarry Days!

Tessa is the singer and she has a long list of credits from performances in the Winnipeg area and all the way to New York!