Don’t miss the Sunday Coffeehouse Talents  at 3:00PM on August 21st! Performers include Teagan Sheppard,
Josh Lawson, Kyra Swanson, Thomas Georgeson and Alvin Unrau.

Kyra Swanson
Born on April 24, 2005 (11 years old), Kyra began singing at the young age of 2. By 5, she started to write her own songs. It was then recommended she turn one of her songs into a recording. 8 year old Kyra then went into the studio and was fortunate to bring the music video to life with the help of our friends at From The Hill Studio.

Under the direction of Bambi Rutherford, Kyra has grown into a blooming artist and loves to share her passion of music with people. Winning multiple first place awards in the Rockwood Festival of Arts, being approached by Rainbow Stage, she most recently was the recipient of the 2016 Laura James Vocal Award. She’s still not sure what she wants to be when she gets older, but for right now, her goal is to put a smile on your face.

Alvin Unrau

Josh Lawson

Thomas Georgeson


Teagan Sheppard